Several schools have been included in the Root ‘n’ Fruit initiative.

For example, classes have been held at Root ‘n’ Fruit for 50 pupils, aged 8 and 9, from Moorpark Junior School.

The pupils learned about the growing cycle, nutrition and sustainability, and planted potatoes, onions and leeks at our allotment site.

Teacher Kelly Weir commented:
“All the children were very impressed with the session and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m hoping that the older children will become lead learners and share their new found knowledge, about growing and life cycles of plants, with the Year 3 and Year 4 pupils.”

“We are very keen to continue, and hopefully encourage other schools to participate too. Thank you for asking us to get involved, it’s a great opportunity!”

Year 9 Students from Haywood Academy participated in a competition to design the logo for Root ‘n’ Fruit, with the winning entry now being used on social media, promotional mugs and posters.

Further school-friendly plans, on the Root ‘n’ Fruit allotment, include the creation of a children’s allotment bed, bug hotels and a wildlife pond.


Services available

We have a range of services on offer to schools that cover a variety of topic including:

  • Visits to the site to learn about the whole growing cycle from planting to harvesting
  • Sessions at the allotment on composting, including what can/can’t be composted, how the composting process works and the advantages to the garden of using compost. These sessions can include information about the composting toilet used on site
  • The importance of using different growing techniques and methods to get the best out of your growing area
  • Healthy eating using local, in season produce
  • Sustainability in the garden
  • Environmental/sustainability specific topics (can be delivered at school or on site) including
  1. Becoming single-use plastic free,
  2. Circular economy,
  3. Responsible consumerism,
  4. How to make and use an ecobrick,
  5. Carbon footprint analysis,
  6. How to make a variety of environmentally friendly items for the garden/household,
  7. Waste reduction – reduce, reuse, recycle concept

There may be a charge for some of these services – please get in touch to find out more and book a session with us.